The cliché and over-used slogan “Virginia is for Lovers” is cliché and over-used for a reason. This beautiful commonwealth boasts four perfect seasons making it the ideal location for your engagement session and wedding. Whether it’s the stunning vistas at Shenandoah National Park, or the colorful gardens at Maymont Park in Richmond, Virginia has something for everyone. This list is just a handful of my favorite engagement locations in Virginia.

1. Colonial Williamsburg

Best time of year: SPRING & AUTUMN

Williamsburg is one of the oldest cities in America, but that doesn’t mean it’s just for history buffs. Colonial Williamsburg is full of cobblestone streets, long tree-lined walkways, and even an epic hedge maze. Hidden throughout the “world’s largest living history museum” are secret gardens, overflowing with colorful flowers. Virginia’s signature red brick and white columns make for a stunning backdrop, and its wildflower spotted fields are perfect for a quick picnic.

2. Old Town Alexandria

Best time of year: SPRING & AUTUMN

Cobblestones, waterfront, quaint shops… what more could you want? Old Town Alexandria has it all. One minute you’ll be walking down a mossy brick alleyway, and the next you’ll be sharing a kiss at the end of a dock. A stones throw away from the nation’s capital, it’s the perfect town to recreate a coffee date or just wander through the streets. Everywhere you turn there’s quaint scene, ideal for engagement photos.

3. Maymont Park

Best time of year: SPRING

Maymont Park was made for picture-taking. So much so that I actually got married there! Step off the busy streets of Richmond and into a rose-filled Italian garden. Head down some stairs and you’re surrounded by Japanese architecture and greenery. The pièce de résistance though is an ornate wooden bridge in front of a cascading waterfall. You’re just one passionate embrace away from a movie scene.

4. Washington, DC

Best time of year: SPRING, SUMMER, & AUTUMN

Okay, okay, so TECHNICALLY it’s not Virginia, but come on! How could I not include Washington, DC? The colossal marble monuments make for absolutely legendary photos and the the town is literally known for its cherry blossom trees. Well, that and a particular house on Pennsylvania Avenue. If you don’t mind an early start, sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial is something that everyone should experience (and the crowds of tourists haven’t descended on the town yet.)

5. University of Virginia

Best time of year: ALL SEASONS

Like DC, but smaller. The white columns and marble floors make for a jaw-dropping scene even if you aren’t an alum. On top of that, there are ten (TEN!) unique gardens that surround The Lawn, perfect for intimate moments among the flowers. Just a block away is a street lined with coffee shops and bars for a nice pre- or post-engagement session beverage (depending on the time of day.)

6. Shenandoah National Park

Best time of year: SUMMER & AUTUMN

Virginia is known for its picturesque panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah National Park is where you find them. While the views are certainly iconic, nothing can quite prepare you for the vibrant colors of peak fall foliage. As wind your way through the mountain range, the brightest golds, yellows, and reds will jump out at you, making you feel as if you’ve jumped into a painting.

7. Pumphouse Park, Richmond

Best time of year: WINTER, SPRING, & AUTUMN

A hidden gem in Richmond, Virginia is Pumphouse Park. The old pumphouse looks like something out of medieval Europe and is the ideal place to live out all of your royal fantasies. Beyond the “ancient” architecture lies a quaint tree-lined path, perfect for a stroll with your partner. In the spring, wildflowers are abundant, while in the autumn the leaves turn a stunning orange.

8. Somewhere new we explore together

Best time of year: ALL SEASONS

I’ve lived in Virginia for most of my life and I still have so much left to explore. Perhaps you and your partner have a spot that’s meaningful to you, or there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to explore. From the beaches to the mountains and everywhere in between, Virginia has a little something for everyone. So let’s go on an adventure! Let’s make new memories! Let’s go get lost, take some incredible photos, and make it home for dinner.

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