As a born and raised “Charlottesvillian” I have always heard of a mysterious and mystical place hidden somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains called Swannanoa. I’d heard rumors and seen photos, but I never had the opportunity to actually see it for myself. On May 4th, I finally got to visit and it is an absolute palace. But what does every palace need? A princess.

Enter Joy — a real life fairytale princess. When she stepped outside in her jaw-droppingly gorgeous gown, I almost expected the woodland creatures to come running. Shrouded in delicate white lace with an infectious smile and contagious laugh, the bride-to-be strolled through the grounds of the ancient estate as if she’d lived their all her life. 

Joy was an outright pleasure to work with which always results in stunning images. It’s been SO difficult to sit on these photos for the past few weeks, but as Joy and Bates recently tied the knot, I finally get to share them with you. Enjoy!

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